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Downgrade your home lockout from a huge hassle to a minor inconvenience with the help of Magic Lock in Charlotte NC! With our fast response time and skilled technicians, we’ll be on-site to get you back inside in no time.

Here are a few of the questions we get about our home lockout services!

Do you work with smart home systems?

Smart home systems are some of the most popular security features in any modern home. Our team stays on top of all the latest trends and tech advances to be able to help our clients troubleshoot software issues. 

If you’ve been locked out because of faulty tech, we can help!

Can you help with manual keypad locks?

Manual keypad locks are great for families who would rather use a passcode instead of a physical key or smart home system to enter their home. But, these devices can also malfunction, either because of a power source issue or user mistake.

Do you offer rekeying?

Rekeying is a lockout service that may be necessary if you feel that your keys have fallen into the wrong hands. We can rekey your cylinder locks and deadbolts so that you can regain access to your home and restore your sense of security.

Can you replace damaged locks?

You may be experiencing a lockout because of a forced entry attempt or damage to your lock. In this case, we’re happy to remove and replace your locks, or repair the damaged lock if possible.

Home lockout services Magic Lock
Home lockout services Magic Lock

What should I do if I broke my key in the lock?

If your key has snapped in the lock, don’t attempt to remove it yourself! This could lead to damage to the internal cylinder of the lock. Call Magic Lock and we’ll arrive with our set of specialized tools for key extraction. We’ll also cut a new key and make sure that the lock is in good working condition so that you don’t break the new set!

What areas of Charlotte do you cover?

Our mobile team offers home lockout services all over the Charlotte Metro Area and surrounding suburbs! We’ll come to you in Arlington, Mt. Holly, Dallas, Fort Mill, Matthews, Belmont, Huntersville, and more cities around Charlotte NC

When are you available?

Need a locksmith onsite first thing in the morning? Or maybe you realized you were locked out after getting off the late shift at work. Here at Magic Lock, we offer 24 hour service because we know that lockouts can happen when you least expect them! You can even count on us during holidays!

Do you offer home lockout services for rental properties?

Whether you have a short-term rental property in downtown Charlotte or are renting out your second home in Harrisburg, you may need locksmith services to help your guests. We’re happy to offer lockout services so that you don’t have to go out of your way every time your renter gets locked out.

No matter what kind of security system you have at your rental property, whether it be a smart system, keypad lock, or spare key stored in a key safe, we can help your renters regain access.

Home lockout services Magic Lock
Home lockout services Magic Lock

Can you help with sliding glass door lockouts?

Absolutely! You may have misplaced the key to your sliding glass door lock or be having issues with the lock itself. We’re experienced with these devices, and can restore your current lock or install a new one for better home security.

Can you help with internal home lockouts?

Did you lock yourself out of your master bedroom, storage room, or home office? Not only do we offer lockout services for your entry doors, but we can help with any internal locks in your home as well.

We also offer safe opening and repairs!

Can you cut spare keys?

We sure can! If you’re tired of dealing with home lockouts, having an extra set of keys can be just the thing you need to put the lockout stress behind you. Leave your spare set with a trusted neighbor or in a key lockbox so that you don’t get locked out in the future!

How do I schedule an appointment?

If you’re experiencing an emergency lockout, you can call us at any time for immediate service. But, let’s say that you realized you locked yourself out of the house on the way to work and won’t need a locksmith until you arrive home. In that case, you can easily schedule an appointment with us online so that we can arrange to be there when you need us!

If you’re dealing with a home lockout, call Magic Lock!

No matter where you are in the Charlotte NC Metro Area and nearby cities, Magic Lock is the friendly, reliable locksmith who will be there in your time of need! We offer a range of home lockout services and the flexibility you need to take back control of your day!

Home lockout services Magic Lock
Home lockout services Magic Lock

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