Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks are essential safety measures for any home or office.

But how can you be sure that you’re choosing the best one for your space? Finding the right balance between reliability and affordability can be tricky once you start looking into the many kinds of deadbolts available.

Here at Magic Lock, we’re familiar with the specific safety needs of our Charlotte-based clients.

No matter if you’re upgrading your security in your office at Regus Piedmont Southpark or replacing a deadbolt for your Concord home, we’ve got you covered.

Deadbolt grading system

As a homeowner or business owner, you might be drawn to the deadbolts with the highest grade available. But it’s a good idea to learn more about how grading systems work before buying one.

– Grade 3. This is the standard rating for residential deadbolts or commercial deadbolts for offices within a larger commercial space. If your home or office is located in a busy area or has additional security, this is probably a good option for you.

– Grade 2. A step up from a Grade 3 lock, these deadbolts can withstand slightly more wear and tear and forceful break-in attempts. They’re good for doors that are left unmonitored during non-business hours or for residential homes that are more isolated.

– Grade 1. This is the gold standard of deadbolt security. These locks are designed specifically for commercial spaces, although they’re becoming more popular with homeowners who want the best level of security possible. They are, of course, the most
expensive locks on the market, and may not be necessary in all settings.

It’s a good idea to talk to a locksmith who can assess your overall security system and determine whether this high rating is necessary for your space.
It’s good to keep in mind that for residential purposes, Grade 2 is more than suitable.

Residential single sided deadbolt installed on home door by Magic Lock NC

Single versus double cylinder

Most of the deadbolts you’ll see on the market are single cylinders. That means that they can be unlocked from the outside of the door with a key or passcode.

Double cylinder deadbolts have to be unlocked from both sides. This can be an advantage if your front door features a window that someone can break and reach through to open the door from the inside. Double cylinder deadbolts also offer another layer of security against locking picking or bumping.

But, it’s important to note that dual-cylinder locks are not legal in all settings. If you’re ordering a deadbolt for your office, you’ll need to order locks that comply with North Carolina building code.
Magic Lock can help you with that. We are familiar with all the relevant rules regarding lock installation for home or business.

Electronic deadbolts

Electronic deadbolts rely on a numerical key or FOB to open the door instead of a lock. They provide convenience and security to your home or office, making them a popular option with many of our clients.

Depending on the manufacturer, electronic deadbolts can be programmed to accept multiple passcodes or FOBs so that you can have better control over who comes through your front door.

It’s also easier to change the passcode when one of your tenants moves out or you’ve hired someone new.

Residential single sided deadbolt installed on home door by Magic Lock NC

Smart Lock technology

Smart technology in security is the way of the future. And there are already many kinds of deadbolts that feature 100% keyless entry through the use of your phone.

These deadbolts can give you more control about who goes in and out of your home or office without you having to be there. And unlike most electronic deadbolts, they can be integrated into your existing smart home system.

Some of the drawbacks of smart tech deadbolts have to do with the potential vulnerabilities of the software. And, as technology continues to advance, smart lock deadbolts also need to be updated periodically to keep up with the times.

For this reason, they may not be right for all kinds of commercial spaces.

Choosing the right deadbolt for your needs

No matter if you’re opening a business in Uptown Charlotte or are looking to upgrade your security at your home in Pineville, finding the right deadbolt will give you peace of mind.

Give our team at Magic Lock a call to walk you through the process of choosing the best deadbolt for your security needs!

Residential single sided deadbolt installed on home door by Magic Lock NC

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