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Home, business, and automotive lockouts available 24/7

A lockout is a hassle that can instantly ruin your day

whether you’re trying to get the kids to school or open your doors for business. And there’s a reason why it always seems to happen at the worst possible time. When you’re in a rush or otherwise stressed, it’s much easier to make the mistake of leaving the keys on the front seat or entering the wrong code one too many times.

Because lockouts tend to happen during these crucial moments, it’s imperative to have an emergency locksmith you can count on. When you call Magic Lock, we’ll be on the way to help you turn your day around.

Home, business, and automotive lockouts available 24/7

No matter if you’ve locked yourself out of your home or office’s smart security system or you’ve left your keys in the trunk of your car, we’re experienced in all different kinds of lockouts. We’ll arrive with the right tools to get you back inside in the least amount of time.

We’ll come to wherever you are in the Charlotte area

Our team of emergency locksmiths is able to travel to wherever you’re located in Charlotte. Whether you find yourself in a parking garage in Uptown or your home in Davidson, give us a call and we’ll be on our way! We consider lockouts to be emergency services, which is why we’ll arrive as soon as we can. 

We work carefully and efficiently

There’s no use in calling a locksmith for an emergency lockout if they’re not going to work fast. But you also want someone who is experienced and skilled enough not to leave you with a damaged lock to deal with later.

When our locksmiths arrive on the scene, we come prepared! We’ve got the tools necessary to open your locks with speed and care. It will be like you never had a lockout in the first place. 

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