High security locks

High security locks for doors can mean all the difference for your home or office. In the right setting, they can stop criminals in their tracks before they even think to pick the lock. But, you might have a few questions about whether this next level of security is right for you. Some important considerations will be whether high security locks costs fit your budget and how much they will enhance your existing security system. Here at Magic Lock in Charlotte NC, we’ve worked with homeowners and business owners everywhere from Pineville to Concord to help them answer these questions for themselves. Here’s a helpful Q&A to see whether high security locks are your best option.

How do high security locks differ from regular locks?

To the average person, high security locks probably don’t look too different from regular locks. But there are some important design distinctions:
   – High security locks are anti-picking and anti-bumping. Standard locks are able to be opened fairly easily by anyone with experience in lock picking or bumping. That means that a resident may not even know they’ve been targeted until they notice that valuable items are missing. In contrast, high security locks feature internal cylinders that cannot be easily opened with these undetectable techniques. The fastest way to open these locks is with a drill or brute force, which is more work than most burglars are willing to
   – High security keys are not easily duplicated. One of the vulnerabilities of standard locks is easy key duplication. This is a security issue for anyone who rents their home or provides employees with their own keys. High security keys, on the other hand, are designed to be duplicated only by specialized machines. This gives you more control over who has access to your space. These keys also feature additional design upgrades to make them more secure. You can tell the difference between a standard key and a
high security one because the latter doesn’t have traditional teeth. Rather, the ridges and notches are built into a central line of the blade.
   – High security locks for doors use strong materials. Finally, high security locks differ from standard locks in terms of materials. Besides being labeled, you can determine that a lock is high security because it’s graded 1 or 2 and made from stainless steel or nickel.

High security lock installation by Magic Lock
High security lock installation by Magic Lock

In what scenarios are high security locks unnecessary?

While high security locks are the gold standard of the industry, they’re not appropriate in every setting. Here are a few of the scenarios in which this level of security is not required:
   – Most internal doors. The doors in your home probably don’t need to feature reinforced deadbolts or anti-bumping cylinders. These kinds of locks are best utilized on your external doors.
   – Doors that are not made of durable materials. A lock is only as strong as the door it’s housed in. So, installing a high security lock in a weak door is not recommended. What’s more, some high security locks require a specific door width in order to accomodate the
   – Doors located alongside windows. Burglars are always going to look for the easiest entry point of a building. So, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to install a high security lock on a door next to an easily breakable window.

What are the best brands of high security locks?

Once you’ve decided on going the high security route, you may be wondering what brands are most reliable. Here are the top three contenders:
   – Mul-T-lock. Mul-T-lock is an industry leader when it comes to high security locks. They are most popular in commercial settings, but they also offer a range of residential options.
   – Medeco. Medeco has made a name for itself as the brand used by the US military, as well as other institutions with high security needs like hospitals, schools, banks and more. They meet today’s demand for strong hardware and smart technology.
   – Yale. Because they’ve released a range of smart locks over the last few years, Yale is a brand with a lot of recognition. They do offer a few high security locks with anti-bumping and anti-picking features.

High security lock installation by Magic Lock
High security lock installation by Magic Lock

How do high security locks work with surveillance systems?

Having an extra layer of security in addition to your hardware is always a smart choice. Many burglars will simply move on from locations that have surveillance cameras or an obvious alarm system. Even having a bright light can sometimes be enough to deter someone.

Nowadays, there are many smart locks with high security features. If you’re interested in smart security systems, make sure to look for high security labels, a high lock grading, and features like anti-picking and high security keys.

What are high security locks costs?

There are a few different costs associated with this kind of lock, including:
   – The lock itself. There are many different kinds of locks on the market, and high security locks are some of the most expensive. A single Mul-T-Lock deadbolt can cost anywhere between $100 and $250, whereas a stainless steel Yale smart lock can cost somewhere between $200 and $250.
   – The installation. When it comes to the security of your home or business, it’s a good idea to bring in a professional locksmith. We can help with installation and give you an assessment of your overall security. You can expect to pay somewhere between $50
and $100 for a single lock change to up to a few thousand for a complete smart home or office installation service.
   – Maintenance. The good news is, high security locks are graded for high traffic and durability. So, you probably won’t find yourself calling a locksmith for issues in functionality. But, if you lose your keys, cutting a new one will be slightly more expensive than your average key.

High security lock installation by Magic Lock

Where can I find a high security locksmith near me?

Having a local, trusted locksmith in your corner is one of your best lines of defense against burglaries. Our main goal at Magic Lock is to provide the entire city of Charlotte, from Providence to Kannapolis and everywhere in between, with the confidence of the best security possible. Give us a call and let’s talk about whether high security locks are right for you.

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