Hyundai car key replacement

Looking for affordable, fast Hyundai car key replacement? You might be wondering what the process entails and whether there’s a way to avoid a trip to your local dealership.

Here at Magic Lock, we offer a range of auto locksmith services including Hyundai key and fob replacement in Charlotte NC and surrounding cities. And here are a few things we think all Hyundai owners should know about the process!

There are many different kinds of Hyundai car keys

Depending on what year your Hyundai was manufactured, you’ll have a different key that needs to be replaced. Here are the most common:

  • Standard mechanical keys of pre-1990 models. This key doesn’t include any kind of special technology built in. As such, it’s one of the easiest and cheapest keys to replace! 
  • Transponder keys. During the 80s and 90s, various car manufacturers, including Hyundai, developed keys with transponder chips that could send a code to your car’s engine control module. Early iterations of this kind of key could easily be cloned, while later versions implemented rolling codes which changed with every use. Transponder keys can be duplicated by most auto locksmiths.
  • High security keys. Around the time that transponder keys were being developed, car manufacturers were also making advances in the security of the key’s blade. High security keys differ from standard keys in that the cuts are made along the midline of the key instead of having notches and ridges cut into the side of the blade. These keys require a specialized machine in order to cut them properly.
  • High security with proximity fob. Proximity fobs were the next tech leap for Hyundai, giving owners the ability to unlock and start the car from a distance. Hyundai usually makes these fobs with a mechanical blade embedded in the casing of the remote. When Hyundai moved from the transponder key to the proximity fob, the cost of duplicating new keys increased. That’s because proximity fobs must be programmed to the car’s operating system using a specialized car key programming machine. 

Digital key. Hyundai’s most recent change in car technology has been the introduction of their digital key or a digital key card. With this security upgrade, the car can be accessed and started with the app on your smartphone, and you can even share access with other verified users.

Not all auto locksmiths have the programming machine to replace Hyundai keys

You might find an auto locksmith who is incapable of cutting and reprogramming certain Hyundai car keys. Why is this? Well, it depends on whether they have the appropriate machine to be able to program a new car key. These key programming machines cost thousands of dollars, and must be updated as car manufacturers release new security advances. As such, some auto locksmiths prefer to specialize in a subset of the market, such as European cars or American cars. Or, they may only offer car key duplication for mechanicals keys or transponder keys.

Here at Magic Lock, we can cut and reprogram keys for all kinds of Hyundai vehicles!

Car key replacement services Charlotte NC
Car key replacement services Charlotte NC

Hyundai limits the amount of fobs that can be programmed to one car

Another important thing to know about Hyundai car key replacement is that there is a set number of fobs (2) that your car’s operation system will accept. That means that if you’ve lost your fob and want to replace it with a spare, we’ll need to deactivate the missing fob before we can reprogram new sets. 

This is actually a benefit if you fear that your fob has fallen into the wrong hands. But, if you feel that your fob is somewhere in the house, it may be worth cutting a single replacement.

New car keys made by Magic Lock in Charlotte NC
New car keys made by Magic Lock in Charlotte NC

How can you get your Hyundai car key replacement?

When you’re ready to get your Hyundai car keys replaced, you’ll need to go through the following steps:

  • Call your auto locksmith. If you live in Charlotte NC, Magic Lock is your go-to for Hyundai key replacement! Give us a call so we can start the process right away.
  • Let us know your car’s make and model. We’ll check our inventory to see if we have your Hyundai replacement key on hand. If not, we’ll order a new one as soon as possible.
  • Be ready to share your VIN number and other identification. As a security measure, you’ll need to provide some additional details so that we can verify ownership.
  • Organize a time for us to come to you and replace and program your new key. Whether you live in Concord, Clover, Belmont or within Charlotte city limits, we’ll come to wherever you are with our portable car key programming machine. Our on-site service saves you the time, hassle, and expense of having your car towed to the dealership or mechanic!

Have more questions about Hyundai car key replacement? Give us a call at Magic Lock!

Car key replacement services Charlotte NC

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