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Replacing Mercedes-Benz car keys doesn’t have to be a hassle when you realize you’re not
beholden to the dealership. While your local dealership may say that you need to go through
their services to replace a set of keys, the truth is, anyone familiar with the internal computer of
a Mercedes car can do it.

Magic Lock has the tools and experience with all models of Mercedes to be able to replace, fix,
or duplicate your keys without a lengthy or costly process. We’ve kept Mercedes owners here in
Charlotte on the road for many years, and we’d like to help you too!

What kinds of keys does Mercedes make?

What sets Mercedes keys apart from other manufacturers? Well, over the years, Mercedes has
always been committed to two things in their car keys: functionality and security. These are,
after all, luxury cars.
Their owners expect cutting edge technology for both convenience and protection from theft.
That’s why Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront of car key technology. In fact,
they’re responsible for creating the first switchblade key in the 90s that many other car makers
If your car is from the 90s, it’s likely that it uses this revolutionary design. These keys have an
internal chip which allows you to remotely lock and unlock the car. The key is still needed to be
placed in the ignition for the car to start.

Mercedes-Benz made waves again by introducing keyless ignition keys as early as 1998. This
groundbreaking technology allowed car owners to unlock and lock the car with their key in their
pocket or purse. If you have a car from around this time or after, your key likely looks like a
keyless FOB or remote. Some small tweaks have been made to Mercedes keys to make them
more modern and sleek, but the basic design is the same.

Mercedes and BMW high security key coding by Magic lock technician

What’s going on inside the FOB?

One important thing that changed with the tech advancements of the 90s was the introduction of
an immobilizer system. This is a kind of security upgrade that requires a wireless back-and-forth
between the car’s operating system and the key programmed to that particular car. The
technology has only gotten more complicated over the years as hackers and car thieves have
found ways to manipulate these channels.

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Can you just order a new set of Mercedes keys online?

A quick browse online will show you that it is possible to order a replacement Mercedes car key.
But, keep in mind that buying a new physical key or FOB is just one part of the process.
Because of that tricky immobilizer system, it’s not as easy as buying a new car key for your
make and model and being able to use it right away.

The other risk of buying an aftermarket set of keys yourself is that it’s possible to buy the wrong
one. If you’ve tried looking for a car key replacement online, you might have gotten a glimpse of
the complex labels that are attached to different keys. To anyone who is not a mechanic or auto
locksmith, it’s easy to overlook important details that will tell you about the compatibility of a
certain key with your car.

Mercedes and BMW high security key coding by Magic lock technician

How are Mercedes keys replaced?

Sure, you could go to your dealership and have your Mercedes key replaced. But, that’s likely
going to be the most expensive option, as they’ll only order brand new replacement keys at top-
of-the-market prices.
Another alternative is to go to your local auto locksmith that specializes in Mercedes-Benz cars.
We’ll help you order a more affordable replacement by asking questions about your car’s make,
model, and other relevant info.
From there, we’ll travel to you with the equipment needed to program your new key. In this step,
our experienced technicians set to work communicating with your car’s central operating system
to introduce the replacement key.
If the previous car key was stolen or lost, we’ll also want to make that key obsolete so that it
can’t be used in the future.

Here’s another auto locksmith secret

As your trusted auto locksmith in Charlotte, we don’t like to cut corners. That’s why, if you’re
having problems with your key and think you need a replacement, we might have some follow-
up questions before we get started.

One thing we’ll want to find out is whether your car key really needs to be replaced or if it can be
fixed. Your key may need a battery replacement, for example, or it might have sustained
damage from water or everyday wear and tear. Some of these types of problems are cheaper
and quicker to fix than a full replacement, so we’ll start there. If we can avoid putting you
through the hassle of a car key reprogramming, we’ll be happy to save you the time and money!

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Why can’t every auto locksmith replace a Mercedes key?

You might have already called around to a couple of places only to find out that not everyone
can replace Mercedes car keys. That’s because these luxury cars rely on central operating
systems that are so advanced, only select auto locksmiths have the equipment and know-how
to manipulate the coding.

Here at Magic Lock, we’ve helped many Mercedes-Benz owners bypass a costly trip to the
dealership with our own tools and experience with these immobilizer systems.

What is the cost of replacing Mercedes keys?

As we’ve covered so far, how much you can expect to pay for a replacement Mercedes key will
depend on a few factors:
– The year your car was manufactured. In general, cars made around or before the mid-
90s rely on less sophisticated technology. This means that the car keys are more easily
duplicated and replaced.
– Whether you go to the dealership or an auto locksmith.

Call us to learn more about Mercedes-Benz car key replacement.
We’re one of the few auto locksmiths in the Charlotte, NC area experienced in Mercedes-Benz
car keys. So, whatever your questions, give us a call at Magic Lock!
Finally, remember that the above information is relevant for additional high end luxury cars e.g.
BMW, Volvo and more.

Mercedes and BMW high security key coding by Magic lock technician

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