Types of Locks for Residential Use

Looking for the right residential lock for your family home? You might find yourself bombarded with unfamiliar lingo and an overwhelming amount of choices! Let the pros here at Magic Lock in Charlotte NC help.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different kinds of residentials locks so that you can choose the best one for your security needs and budget. And, if you need help with installment, we’ll come to your home anywhere in Charlotte and the surrounding areas, including Alexis, Mooresville, and more!

Entrance Locks

Let’s get started with the doors of your home that will need the highest level of security: your entry doors. This includes your front and back doors, as well as any sliding glass doors. 


If you’re looking for a standard, reliable option for your external doors, a deadbolt is your go-to. Deadbolts come in a few different styles, such as single- or double-cylinder locks, which either lock from one or both sides. For residential use, single cylinder deadbolts are the most common. You may also see a few other styles that aren’t as popular here in the US called rim deadbolts and mortise locks. These locks are more common in hotels and other commercial settings.

What’s important to consider when choosing a deadbolt is the grade. Grade 1 is considered the highest possible security, and will also be the most expensive. Even so, most manual deadbolts aren’t too pricey. They typically range from about $20 to $50.


Electronic keypads are usually a deadbolt-style lock but with the added feature of being accessible with a passcode. There are keypad locks with push buttons and touchscreens, depending on your aesthetic preferences. 

Keypad locks can be connected to smart systems or function on their own, and which option you choose will determine the price. Standard keypad locks without smart technology typically range between $60 and $150. 

Smart Locks

Smart locks have quickly become some of the most popular types of entrance locks on the market. They offer the durability of a deadbolt with the convenience of smart technology. And depending on the model you choose, you can have extra features such as remote unlocking from your phone, video surveillance, and more. 

As you’ve probably guessed, these locks are on the higher end of the budget range for entrance locks. And prices can vary widely depending on the level of sophistication of the technology. Typically, you can expect to pay somewhere between $200 to $300 for smart locks.

Sliding Glass Doors

With the right lock, you can enjoy your home’s sliding glass door without worrying about security. Many of these locks are built into the surface-mounted handle and may be keyed or work with a lever. There are additional security locks for sliding glass doors, such as loop locks and foot locks. 

Compared to other entry locks, sliding glass door locks tend to be on the cheaper side, ranging from about $5 for very simple locks to $80 for handle-mounted locks.


Residential locks installed by Magic Lock
Residential locks installed by Magic Lock

Hallway and Closet Locks

Within your home, you may have a few hallways, closets, and laundry room doors that won’t require an actual lock, but still need a handle or knob.

In this case, the most common solution is something called a dummy or half dummy door knob. These are non-locking door knobs that can be mounted on one or both sides of the door. But there is no functional latch mechanism.

Because dummy door knobs feature a simple design and no locking mechanism, they are some of the most economic residential door knobs. They typically range from $10 to $20.

Bathrooms and Bedrooms

When you need a little bit more privacy than a dummy door knob, you’ll want to look for a locking device made for the internal doors of your home. These are called privacy door locks, and they generally feature a push or turn lock on the internal handle or knob. These types of residential locks are most common on bathroom and bedroom doors that require privacy, but not necessarily security.

You can find privacy locks for somewhere between $20 and $50.

Residential locks installed by Magic Lock
Residential locks installed by Magic Lock


Although technically an internal lock, the door connecting your garage to your home should have a slightly higher level of security than the rest of your internal doors. 

You might, for instance, install a manual deadbolt or keypad lock that keeps your home safe even if your garage door is open.

Magic Lock is here for your home security

Whether you want to upgrade your entry door locks or install additional privacy for your guests and family members, Magic Lock is here to help. We can recommend the right door lock, knob or lever for every part of your home and oversee installation.

No matter if you’re in Pineville, Stanfield, Monroe or right here in Charlotte NC, Magic Lock is your residential locksmith!

Residential locks installed by Magic Lock

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