Mortise locks

A very common type of lock for both residential and commercial is called: Mortise locks.
Mortise locks are a type of door locks that have a specific shape, and usually is being installed inside a designated mechanism and not directly into the door frame. The term “mortise” refers to the method of installation, as you can see in the pictures here.

Chances are that you will encounter mortise locks on business doors, exit devices and or keypad lock.
But not only. Sometimes, they can be a great setup for residential doors as well, even though this is less common. Here are some key features of mortise locks:

1. Design: Mortise locks can appear in a variety of shapes and colors, which is one of the reasons
they are so commonly used.

2. Security: Mortise locks are usually a part of metal latch and deadbolt, which makes them a more
secure option and therefore providing enhanced resistance against forced entry. In addition, the
deadbolt is usually operated by a key, thumb turn, or a combination of both.

3. Versatility: Mortise locks can be used for various types of doors, including wooden, metal, and
glass doors (mostly for entrance doors such as gas stations). They come in different sizes and
shapes to accommodate different door thicknesses and security requirements. In addition, they
can be installed as interchangeable cores, which usually comes with a unique set of keys for key

4. Durability: While there are different grades for every mortise lock, they usually considered of a
better quality than most standard locks as they have to function more frequently on entrance
doors, exit doors etc.

5. Key options: Mortise locks can be found in both single-cylinder and double-cylinder variations
from all major lock brands including Schlage, Kwikset, Falcon and more. In addition, you can find
“dummy” mortise locks as you can only unlock the cylinder from one side. (Usually installed on
exit doors)

Mortise locks for wood and metal doors by Magic lock Charlotte NC

How much will it cost to install or rekey mortise lock?

The prices for mortise lock are pretty much the same as any other lock. However, if you would like a high security mortise lock, you can expect to pay obviously more.

For a regular, single sided mortise lock you can expect to pay about $35 plus labor for installation.

Double sided mortise starts at about $80 plus labor.

For high security mortise locks or special setup, about $180 plus labor.

Keep in mind, installing mortise lock on an emergency exit device will be more expensive than to install it on a front door lock, only because of the labor and time involved to disassemble the device.

As always, it’s better to call and explain in details the exact setup you currently have (front door, exit device, keypad lock etc) to get a more accurate quote.

Mortise locks for wood and metal doors by Magic lock Charlotte NC

In conclusion,
Mortise locks can be a great security solution for both residential and commercial customers, for front doors, offices, business entrance doors and more.

They can be installed on all types of doors and have the same key as you currently use.

Magic Lock in Charlotte NC metro area can help you find the right type of mortise lock for your home or business.

Mortise locks are used for securing doors in a wide range of applications, including homes, offices, hotels, schools, and other commercial buildings. They offer increased security compared to simpler lock types like cylindrical or tubular locks. Additionally, mortise locks are often preferred for their aesthetic appeal, as they can be designed to complement the overall door hardware and decor.

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